Masks by Liz!!

*** UPDATE ***

I am away for a few weeks visiting family, and cast adrift from my sewing machine , so I'm sorry I am unable to fulfill any mask orders at the moment. Hope to resume some time in October.


I've provided here info and photos of fabric masks (or face coverings) that I am making. I am very happy to send these (totally free!) to family and friends. Please get in touch to let me know if you would like some posting, by using the form below.

The mask is made from 100% cotton. I have used cotton poplin and cotton lawn which both have a close weave, as recommended. (Lawn is finer than poplin).

They are a "one-size", to fit an adult. The elastic ear-loops should be knotted to suit your best fit.

Once the mask is on, using your fingers, press the nose wire to mould it around your nose, to secure the fit. This will help stop the mask slipping down.
If you wear glasses, try to position them over the fabric, or they may fog up.

You may cut a piece of filter and slip it into the mask pocket between the white and outer layer.
Suggested popular materials are kitchen roll, coffee filter paper, dried baby wipes.

You can wash the mask. Either by hand in soapy water (I do this) or, if in a machine, I advise you remove the aluminium nose wire first, or at least place the mask in a little net washbag, to avoid the strip coming out and getting lost in your machine. You can easily sterilise it between wears, using a hot steam iron.

Please scroll through the images to see the various choices and some construction information.

If you want to make a donation, this is welcome but not required and only modest amounts (eg. £2 ) are suggested. You can Paypal me (just ask for a link in the Form notes). All donations I receive will go to Parkinson's charity. Thank you for your kindness! :-)

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